5 reasons to fall in love with MILAN

There’s only one life and if you are one those who believes in living it to the fullest, Milan must top your bucket list. We give you 5 features (out of million equally irresistible ones) that distinguish Milan from the rest of the world:-


America might be the economical superpower at the moment, but when it comes to creativity no other country stands close to Italy in exuding creativity like it’s no one’s business. Speaking of creativity and business, it is a widely known fact that Milan is the fashion capital of the world and synonymous with arts and culture, fashion, architecture and design. So, if you are a creative person looking for some inspiration for your upcoming projects, Milan is your calling!


Milan has been witness to several ups and downs throughout history, from being Ruled by the Caesars, Napoléon, the Austro-Hungarians and Mussolini, the city has seen it all. Since Milan is heavily influenced by all forms of arts and culture, you’ll be able to identify the dynamic nature of the city but just looking around. It’s withstood all the battles of time with grace and suave that is beyond excellence.

  • CHIC

Of course, everyone in Milan walks on the streets like they are strutting on high-end ramp shows. After all, the city sips flavours of chic along with their Italian espressos. But, you don’t have to cancel your Milan trip because of the pressure of looking good. Italians are known to be great lovers who carry their hearts on their sleeves, they are most charismatic, accommodating and open minded. So, walk with pride and absorb all the richness that the city has to offer.


Milan isn’t just about looking stylish and elegant at all times, the city knows how to do business. After all, it is the financial capital of Italy. The city is innately enterprising with some of the biggest fashion labels in the world. As a matter of fact, Via Monte Napolenne is Europe’s most expensive street.


“Quite simply, we are the best, we have more imagination, more culture, and are better mediators between the past and the future”Luigi Caccia Dominioni. And we don’t think there is any other country in the world that would volunteer to contest this claim. Nothing beats the sensibility of Italian charm, after all, we all crave for that ‘Made in Italy’ badge of honour right?

So, if you are still not quite convinced, we would urge you to book your tickets and come experience Milan Fair 2019, where you are guaranteed to witness creme-de-la-creme from the world of design, fashion, beauty and not forget those heady Italian wines! Ci vediamo, mon amore!

Originally written for Meztli



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