30 sticky notes to my younger self

  1. Don't cry over unemployed men
  2. Save, save and save, will need it in rainy times
  3. Adopt minimalism as a lifestyle
  4. Read, read and read, after all you are the content you consume
  5. Have a hobby, not something that makes money, just a pure simple hobby
  6. Invest in experiences and not things
  7. Keep your tribe small and tight (Don't fuck around)
  8. Always chose love
  9. Stop chasing fuck boys
  10. Stop being a fuck girl, yeah I said it
  11. There is absolutely no glory in being selfless
  12. Stop believeing that you are bad with numbers. Make friends with mathematics
  13. You can know a lot from someones handshake, if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.
  14. Learn to listen and trust your gut. Trust me it never lies
  15. Seek therapy, be vocal about mental health issues
  16. Find a mentor
  17. Do a privilege check
  18. Don't fuck every boy you meet, make guy friends, its super chill
  19. Have a girl tribe, support your sisters! #Sistersovermisters
  20. Live outside of home at least once in your life
  21. Be disciplined, consistency is key. You’ll be surprised how far it’ll take you
  22. Be authentic with yourself first
  23. Have a vision, goals and plans but be flexible of your ways
  24. Its lonely at the top
  25. Have a morning routine, let your rising be grand
  26. Time is money
  27. Gotta hustle, thats where the synergy is
  28. Stay connected to your roots
  29. You ALWAYS have a choice
  30. Be grateful!




Student at the University of Life. Writer.Photographer.Content Strategist

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Priyanca Ambalvi

Priyanca Ambalvi

Student at the University of Life. Writer.Photographer.Content Strategist

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